Thursday, March 14, 2013

Babymoon/Anniversary Trip 2012

Here is quick recap (in pictures and captions) of our 9 day Babymoon/anniversary trip that we took at the end of August (when I was 34-35 weeks pregnant). We had a great time and are very glad we took this time together before having our little sweetie. 

We spent the first half in St. George at Curtis' parents second home. We went hiking in Zion's and spent our actual anniversary in St. George. Pool time and relaxation were much needed and enjoyed :). 

For the latter portion of our vacation we headed to Las Vegas. We ate out a lot, treated ourselves to shows, luxurious hotels, and a day at the spa (included in our J.W. Marriott package -- massages, specialty drinks, saunas, hot tubs, robes, sunshine... the works). 

Realizing now that we most likely won't be able to do another trip like this for years (without kids that is), I appreciate this trip even more!

Hiking in Zion's, many people were quite concerned all the hiking would put me into labor

This was funny to watch

St. George Temple

Surprise for the husband on our anniversary
Manicures & Pedicures (he'd never gotten one before!)

Anniversary Dinner

Yummmm! Baby Stacks!

Las Vegas brunch at Baby Stacks

Delish! Banana Cream Pie Stack
Red Velvet Stack
Our sweet suite at The Palms Place!

Silly husband sneaking in the pics

Our view
Kobe Beef Burgers at Max Brenner

In the Mystere Theater
After the show
Tournament of the Knights at the Excalibur

Night Scenes

My husband, the gambler.

M& M Wall!

Dinner at Lotus of Siam

Macarons at Bouchon Bakery
Enjoying a macaron and waiting for our gondola ride.
Kissing in the tunnel (for good luck)
Our cute gondolier
Walking The Strip

Bellagio Fountain
Compliments of J.W. Marriott
Complimentary Haagen Dazs and Soda
The perks of being pregnant ;)
Well... that's all folks!


  1. Looks like fun. I've wondered how rich people traveled. Now I know!

    1. HAHAHAH!!! We wish, Rick. Lots of hard work, saving, and staying for free in my in-law's home. Far from rich. Not even comparable to exclusive, annual trips to Bear Lake for a week ;).

  2. Looks like a ton of fun!! A well deserved vacation.

    1. Thanks, Jan! It was a ton of fun, we are so glad we went!

  3. wow, this is awesome. Let's get some Camden pictures :) LOVESSSS